step 4

document on social media

Black Panther, White Wolf, Grey Elephant and you are happily going through the Jungle.

Deeper and deeper. Darker and darker.

Didn’t you see that same tree before?

Maybe you got lost...

"Can I help you, rrremote frrreelancerrr?"

This smooth voice comes from even deeper...

Should we stay or should we go?

Tililitilili *epic song*

Grab your smartphone (or computer or tablet, something linked to the Internet) and publish one post today on one social media.

Why one? Because that’s also how you start. After, you can publish as many posts on as many platforms as possible. But first, one.

Don’t take time making up something. Post something about what you’re doing right now. Take a screenshot, picture, video, or just write some sentences about what you do. It’s just 5 min. No time making something up.

Every interesting thing’s here. It’s you, who you are, how you work and what you do.

Documenting on social media is similar to the previous step “Comment on Social Media” but, this time, it’s your turn to publish content.

The advice:

#1 Choose one social media

#3 Build the habit

#5 Try out different things and enjoy the process

Also apply when posting.

Here’s what’s different:

#1 Document

When posting on social media, you might think you have to create unique content.

For example, you write a blog post and publish it on social media. Or you even write a whole article on the platform.

Those are great when you have a whole team dedicated to creating your content. I don’t know about you but I don’t have such a team.

So don’t waste time creating “unique” content.

Document your everyday life.

Take a picture, a screenshot or a video. Write a few sentences about what that is, and hit that send button.

That’s all. You don’t need to do anything else.

#2 Watch out for time spent

Don’t track views or followers. Those are vanity metrics and don’t mean anything. Track the time you invest in social media.

While reading posts, the more time and the more posts read, the better.

Here, it’s the opposite.

The less time you spent creating a post, the better. You can post once a week, a day or several times a day. They’re all ok. Always make sure you’re spending as little time as possible.

Target 5 min.

At first, you might take 10 or 20 min. Post more and more. You’ll get better at it and need less and less time.

Then, 5 min to document what you did today or yesterday won’t be difficult anymore.

There’s always something to talk about. But, if you really don’t know, then post several times about the same thing.

For example, during an event, take many pictures so that you can publish them in several posts spaced over time.

Finally, sometimes, you might think your post is boring and it’ll not get much reaction.

Sometimes, you might think it’s still boring and get many comments. And the opposite is also true.

Don’t judge. Do your best. You’ll always get better over time.

Pappapappam *reward song*

Slowly, smoothly you made your way through the deepest part of the Jungle. It’s not that difficult when you take it one step at a time.

"That was to be expected from our rrremote frrreelancerrr..."

-- Congrats! You won shovels covered in moss and a smooth criminal, uh... Green Snake --