Freelancers have so many things to do, find clients, send emails, invoices, post on social media and - oh yeah! - your actual job.

But you only have 24h in a day...

How can you manage all these?


... and remove marketing from the list.

I took the time to learn, test and simplify best practices. I broke them down into 7 steps. No more, no less.

Take it easy, do what works and go through the 7 Steps listed on this website.

You’re then sure of one thing -- your marketing works, takes little time and you can focus on your actual job.

That's the reason behind this website.

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What do you want to change?

Why did you start this course?

Did you achieve this goal?

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The pictures on the homepage, this page and the ending email are taken by Jonny Lew.

You can find him on Pexels and Instagram.


Thanks for reading until here!

I’m Fanny, do digital marketing and am behind this Jungle.

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